What can we do for you. We feel that the Internet and world wide web is a fantastic marketing tool to target your customers. It is a business tool that enables your business and there are many facilities it can provide. However everyone has their specialities and we believe that it is best to leave the specialities with the specialists. I let the hosting companies do the hosting and email providers, provide the email.


There are more hosting companies than there are seconds in a day. So to that end Marcal Labs does not do hosting but will manage your account at a hosting company that is reliable and provides an excellent level of service.


Normally along with the hosting you will get an email service. This service will give you email access using a web page on your Internet browser such as Internet explorer or chrome etc. It will give you access using an email client such as outlook or MS Mail. You can also use email facilities such as hotmail or Gmail to collect and send email.

Domain name registration

Before you can have a web site you need to have a domain name, a www address. I can help you get one or more of these. From £10 a year you can have any domain name that is available. I will register the name for you and set all the necessary settings to make your web site and email work smoothly. Please read more information about domain names.

Web site building

Now to the interesting bit. Your web site. I can put up on the Internet so that it is available for the world to see a web site in minutes.

  • Will it be of any use to you ?  Answer – No, not from out set.
  • What makes a web site work for you? Answer – the content.

That is what your customers and potential customers are really interested in and who knows most about your business, I would have a guess at saying you do. Who better then to decide what the content of your site should be other than you! How do you get it on the site and maintain it is where I come in. I will be there every step of the way to get your web site displaying the pages and content that you want it to, to enable you to do your business and to grow your business.

Do you just need help

If you have a service provider, email and web site but just having problems or need someone to explain how it all works and what else you can get from it then call me and we can arrange consultancy to get you on track. You probably don’t need a lot of help but just need pointing in the right direction. For an hourly based service a couple of hours a week might be all you need to get you up to speed.