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OK most web sites are free to use. Of course they are. But we are talking about websites that provide a service which is not charged for. Well I here all you business minds out there thinking “What kind of business sense does that make”? and you would be right. Howerver there is some money to made with web sites like this and that is through selling the advertising space. A web site that get thousands of hits can be used to earn money. The more sites you have doing this the more you can make.

So where does Marcal Labs come in. I will not charge a hosting fee to host web sites of this type. For a small fee of £50 I will set up for you a web site with your content and with Advertising space and take an agreed cut of the advertising revenue generated. It is simple.

Web sites already that work on these lines are:

Ok sure not all are successfully making huge amounts of revenue but starting small and building up to large successful site takes time and effort.

If you have an idea that you would like to explore that would fit in to this project then contact me. No idea is daft. One thing I will say is that I will be honest and let you know if I think it will work for your idea or not.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

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