One of the biggest issue stopping small business from getting their own web site is that they think it will cost lots of money to get going and to maintain. At Marcal Labs we we want to help all business get on line and we don’t think it should cost vast amount of money. We also want to make pricing simple and easy to understand so we have laid out below what you need to know.

Domain names

If you don’t have one already, you will will need a domain name. This is your WWW address. We can register a domain name for you and manage it from £10 a year or we can set up an account and show you how to manage your names.

Web Sites

To set up a your web site we charge from £250. This will give you a site up and running with the content you want. It will have all the basic pages you need including copyright, privacy and Cookie notices which are a legal requirement.


If you want to have and eCommerce site we can do that too. With this we need to discuss in a little more detail what you need but this could be a little as £100 extra and you would be up and running selling your products on line.


Marcal Labs do not do hosting. We manage your site on a reliable and trusted cloud hosting company that have been about for as long as we have. There are various cloud hosting packages available from £10 month or you could have you very own cloud server for as little as £100.

What package you need will depend on what you want from web site. We will discuss with you, your business requirements and NOT over sell to you just make money. Our policy is to get as many companies doing business on the internet so we don’t want to make getting you business on the internet prohibitively expensive.

Social Networking

This is becoming big business and we think it is important to use the tools available to make your business visible to your customers and as importantly your potential customers.

Getting your Business visible can take a lot of work and at Marcal Labs we want to help you do this


From as little as £20 hour you could be put back on track and have your problems sorted out. You may already have a web site and service provider but you may be not making the best use from them.

From “Reviews” of your set up to full IT education services we can help.

Call us on 07973 839339 and we can discuss your needs or use the contact form.