Web Site building by
Marcal Labs

Marcal Labs have been building web sites since 1997. It is our philosophy that the web should be available to all and not just large companies with large budgets to spend on development and maintenance. The corner shop, the key cutters and all the other small businesses that keep the community going also need an internet presence. So what’s stopping them?  The biggest thing is cost!

Here at Marcal Labs we will build, host and maintain a web site for you for as little as £250. For that you will get a fully functional web site that displays to the world everything you wish people to know about your business. Your site will be added to all the major search engines and set up so your customers can easily find you with whichever search words or phrases you feel are appropriate.

Read about our Free to use website project and contact if you think we can work on such a project together.

So give us a call and you can be on the web in no time at all.

Call me 07973 839339 or email me with this form

and get your business screaming out to the world.